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Underarm Whitening Tips

Underarm whitening is important to many people who want to feel good about their bodies in public display. When you age, the armpit may get darker and more prone to sun exposure if you like to tan regularly. If your underarms are tanned it can be difficult to get them back to their original color quickly. In winter for example it can become a problem because, whilst the rest of the skin loses its tan, your armpits remain dark!

Also, everyday body care tasks like shaving, waxing, or plucking hair from the underarms can leave shaving bumps that look like "chicken skin" and small scars. These tasks can be abrasive to the skin and make it darker meaning you would then possibly need an underarm whitening solution. Also, more over weight people can find the underarms to darken due to constant friction takes place.

The use of gel based deodorants, roll-ons, or sticks, can sometimes cause you to break out in an armpit rash. You can feel irritation, turn red, or get darker skin. The skin may change and develop an allergy to the product. This is called skin asthma.

So using an underarm whitening product can help you match skin color with the rest of your body, helping you look radiant and healthy. Many women want to comfortably lift their arms into the air and be noticed. Is it too much to ask not to feel embarrassed? Here are some home remedies to help whiten the armpit, of course, without using chemicals.


Underarm Whitening - Home Remedies

underarm whiteningLemon is a common thing to be found in peoples homes. It can be used in tea, for cleaning and much more. It is also rumored to be useful for underarm whitening. This is a great source of vitamin C, which is the skin and body needs. The skin tends to absorb everything that is placed on it.

Reports have been mixed from people have tried this technique to help with underarm whitening.

To try it yourself, make sure you are fresh out of the shower and just rub a sliced lemon on to the armpit. You need to rub in a circular motion. Another way to use lemon to help underarm whitening, is to mix it with honey. Place on the armpit, for about 25-30 minutes. You could also use alum and rub into the armpit area with or without the lemon. Another method is to use turmeric paste with lemon and leave overnight, and then shower in the morning. This must be done regularly to help keep the underarms whitened.

Another item to be found in most homes and rumored to help underarm whitening is the potato! This idea sounds bizarre. Take a few potatoes, remove their skin first, then cut them and place in a juicer. Take the potato juice and apply to the armpits. Let it dry on your skin, then rinse with cold water. A better way would be to use rose water to sandalwood powder to reduce the dark skin.


Underarm Whitening - Natural Products to Use

If home solutions for underarm whitening are not your thing, you could try a skin lightening product. Be careful not to confuse "Skin Lightening" with "Skin bleaching". As the name suggests, skin bleaching products contain chemical substances, and sometimes harsh reactions can occur. However, the skin lightening products such as Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream and Lotion have been proven to lighten the skin within 90 days and are made from only natural plant extracts!

Nur76 is also voted as the No.1 Skin lightening product in the United Kingdom, and is already very popular among the Asian and black communities trying to alleviate dark skin, and deal with underarm whitening.

If you want more information on how to lighten the skin there is a great ebook on the subject, which is currently free. You can download the book by clicking here. I hope this article helps you deal with underarm whitening!



Since we created this article a new product has been released which gets our recommendation for dealing with underarm whitening.

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