Nur 76 Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Nur 76 Skin Lightening Body Lotion

  • This product has been voted best skin lightening formula in the UK!
  • 125ml of Skin Lightening Body Lotion
  • Visible results are GUARANTEED within 90 days - £48

Nur76 Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Nur76 products come with a 90 day guarantee and have been voted the UK's No.1 Skin Lightening products. This skin lightening body lotion is designed to be used on all areas of the body.


Use Just ONCE, to Lighten Your Skin...

Another benefit of Nur76 products is that you only need to use them once and the effects last. So once you have achieved your desired results you do not have to keep on re-applying the product again and again. There really is no other natural skin lightening product out there that will give you safe and lasting results.

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How Does Nur76 Work?

People with darker skin produce more "Melanin", so what the scientific formula does is reduce the production of this Melanin by using natural plant extracts. The result is evenly lighter skin tone.

Exposure to sunlight will naturally darken your skin tone which can then take months to return to its fairer colour. Nur76 helps prevent the sun darkening your skin and makes it lighter too.

This Item Is In Stock Again!

What you get...

skin lightening body lotion

  • Price: £48
  • This product has been voted best skin whitening formula in the UK!
  • 3 Months Usage on Average
  • Moisturising Body Lotion
  • Fast Delivery


  1. can this product help with acne too?

  2. Hi i am really liking this product. can i ask how long will it be before i see my skin get lighter.

    • hello kalid, i just want to say that i think you should defo buy this if you have been wanting to lighten your skin. I have been using the cream an lotion for 2 months and im so happy with my skin.

      It feels smooth when you put it on to. I just want to say thanks and I will be using again.

    • Skin Whitening Staff

      Its guaranteed to work within 90 days, but you will see a gradual improvement almost straight away after the first week or so. The secret is sticking to it and making sure you use it everyday without forgetting.

  3. Do you ship to malaysia? How much will this be?

  4. How long does the body lotion last for?

    • Skin Whitening Staff

      The body lotion is 125ml which usually lasts for 3 months on average. Of course it also depends on how much you use yourself per day. But 3 months is about right.


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