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P. Ankur

"I use Nur76 skin lightening to protect me from the sun's UV rays as Nur76 skin lightening contains UV protection. I understand that as you age your skin gradually becomes darker from the environment and due to the ageing process. I am trying to prevent my skin from getting darker sooner rather than later"

"Thats right! Nur76 does protect against UV skin damage and at the same time it lightens the skin by reducing your Melanin production. Preventing darker skin is always a good move.

"It's excellent in everyway..."

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S. Alom

"Thank you for sending me the Nur76 advanced skin lightening kit, it is excellent in every way, and honestly I am not at least trying to exaggerate. Try it and you will know exactly what I mean! Just want to add that it feels very different from anything that I have tried before. Its like a smooth glide feel to the skin."

"Your welcome Mrs Alom and thankyou for giving us your feedback. We hope that more people understand that Nur76 is made from natural plant extracts and therfore is free from chemicals unlike other "Skin bleaching" products."

"I am very happy and planning to continue using it..."

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"These are some of the most dramatic results we have seen and we want to say a big thanks to this customer for sending in her home pictures."

Dear Sir or Madam, I have attached a photograph of me before and then after 3 months of using the Nur76 Skin Lightening face cream and serum. As you can see, it has made a difference! I am very happy and planning to continue using it. I have extremely sensitive skin due to using hydroquinone cream in the past. My skin had lots of spots and acne scars. Thanks to you I have cleared the acne scarring marks which I had all over my face. I am so happy because my self confidence has grown so much. I sent in my photograph just to show you how greatful I am. - My sincere thanks from L. Kottalgi

Use it for 90 days, if you dont see your desired results -
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P. Sandhu

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to using beauty products. After I read the reviews on the Nur76 skin care products, I just had to give the product a try to see if it delivered as well as it claimed. And honestly it certainly does exactly what it says! So a message to all you guys don’t be a shy guy when it comes to taking care of your skin and looking good, give Nur76 a try you have nothing to lose!"

All customer's are protected by our 90 day gaurantee, so get your products while they are in stock!


skin whitening tipsNur76 from the Skin Whitening Foundation ;

  • Works with all Skin Types,
  • Lightens Naturally Dark Skin,
  • Lightens Scars from Acne etc,
  • Can Lighten Melasma and Chloasma Patches,
  • Gets Rid of Freckles and other Spots,
  • Lightens Hyper-Pigmentation,
  • Lightens Liver and Age Spots,
  • Lightens Dark Circles Under-Eyes,
  • Evens the Skin Tone,
  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles,
  • Is 100% Natural, made from Plant Extracts.

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